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Restoring Morals
Restoring Ethics
Restoring the Constitution
Restoring AMERICA

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We the People...

We will no longer be led by those who do not listen to us, those who do not put the people of Americas' interests before their own, and those who have secured their positions through treasonous acts.

The Patriot Party of Michigan will restore this state to a representative government in which the PEOPLE are in control and conservative morals and ethics are the core of it.

For far too long, the Democrat and Republican elites have made fortunes on the ashes of American lives ruined and sacrificed. For too long, we the people have been distracted and ignored this treason. The Patriot Party is being formed right here, right now. Our representatives will be signing an Oath Of Office contract.


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The people deserve better. Help us. Together we can build greatness! It starts with you, how about today?

Contributions to the Patriot Party are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited. Contributions  will be deposited into the Patriot Party State and/or Administration Accounts, as permissible by law.

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