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Our candidates running under The Patriot Party name will be required to sign this Oath Of Office contract.  We will restore ethics and morals back into government one way or another.  This will hold any elected official accountable.

                                         , do solemnly swear and affirm as a candidate for, and as an elected official to, any political office I run for and obtain, for and by The Patriot Party (TPP), I commit myself to, and will uphold the dictates of TPP PLATFORM completely, wholeheartedly and unwavering. I will not deviate from these dictates as a candidate, or elected official, of and for TPP. 

Additionally, I will conduct myself in all matters with the highest integrity. 

Remedies for failure of performance, when identified, include immediate resignation by me or removal from the campaign, or elected position, upon the decision of the Board of Directors of The Patriot Party of Michigan.

I commit not to switch to another political party or as an independent until after the term I was elected to expires.

I understand this Contract is binding on me and is enforceable under law.


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"Paid for by The Patriot Party, with regulated funds. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee." 

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