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Constitutional Conservatism

WE BELIEVE in our Constitution and Bill of Rights as written.

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  We are devoted to it, love God and country.  We will continue to protect the freedom of speech, right to bear arms and the right to freely assemble.  We are a Republic, a representative government where elected officials work for us. 

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Individual Freedom

WE BELIEVE in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Every individual life has intrinsic value.  These are inalienable rights granted to by our Creator, not man. Government's role from President to the local safety officer is to protect these rights for its citizens.  This also includes the most vulnerable life in the womb from conception to natural death.  The pursuit of happiness is not a guarantee to happiness or services but that all have the equal chance to pursue happiness of these things.

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Keep America Great 

WE BELIEVE in an America First Policy.

If America is not healthy, unified and strong, we are helpless to the world. This includes the most important, a first military that is respected, supported and engaged in policy. We need to be first in education, first in healthcare, first in infrastructure, first in the environment, first in the economy, first in space exploration and first in the free market with balanced budgets. We need de-monopolization and fair commerce to support free market capitalism with unnecessary regulations.

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Small Government

WE BELIEVE government's primary role is to protect the rights of its people.

All activities outside those explicitly stated in the Constitution of the United States, shall be refrained from.  Federal powers that are not defined in the US Constitution shall be retained by the states. A low tax policy will result in a small government. Government top to bottom should be social issue neutral, except where that issue involves a risk to life and liberty to the pursuit of happiness.

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Term Limits

WE BELIEVE two six year terms for Senator and four two year terms for Representatives.

 This will get rid of career politicians and restore morals and ethics back to Congress where it is most needed today.  Anyone elected as a Patriot Party candidate will adhere to this standard whether Congress fixes it or not. We need restrictions on government employees, limit those who receive revenue from the government or due to a government position professionally or personally.



"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."        

                      - Benjamin Franklin



Voter Integrity

WE BELIEVE in a free, fair and completely transparent election process.

If we do not, we will not have a society to base any of our activities upon.  Fair elections include an exhaustive and updated voter roles prior to every national election as well as a process that is well defined and fraud proof.  Mass mail in ballots is illegal and should not be permitted.


Other Issues:

Open Books

WE BELIEVE in full public financial disclosure for any company or individual receiving finances from the government.

Judicial System

WE BELIEVE one that is strong and fair and that punishes corruption. There is no two-tiered justice system.  Politicians should be held to the same standard as its citizens.


WE BELIEVE in an understandable immigration policy which includes secure borders.


WE BELIEVE that government should have no influence over religion but that religion can influence government. Government should not allow BIG TECH to influence its citizens by suppressing or censoring free speech.

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